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Our 2017 Strategic Plan includes internal and external goals, an organizational tune-up and renewed focus on the Holy Spirit's action in the lived experience of local Catholics.


Internally, CCCR and Council of the Baptized are tightening up our organizational structure, clarifying roles within our mission. We have a one-of-a-kind organization in play here. There are two distinct operating centers with joint leadership, joint outreach and communication, and joint financing. How do we keep the whole thing on task?  With difficulty. It is like the migrating birds or antelope herds--to avoid unproductive chaos, everyone has to be with the program. Unlike the birds and the antelope, we do not operate from instinct. So getting intentional is what it is all about. We have worked together for eight years and have accomplished much, but it is time for a programming tune- up.


The internal tune-up is futile if we do not at the same time work at our mission. Our overall vision is a local church, our Archdiocese, with a culture that radiates Jesus’ core teaching of radical equality, unabashed inclusivity, and transforming love. Our culture is not there yet, and we need institutional support to help up us grow. Where institutional policies and practices are not aligned with this vision, we work to adjust them.

  • The CCCR Board has its mission to activate and unite the laity in the Archdiocese in this Vatican II vision of Church.
  • To give sound foundations for CCCR action, the Council of the Baptized has its mission to listen for the sense of the faithful, think positions through, and articulate the yearnings and best thinking of the community.

The Joint Leadership Team acts as an executive committee to keep all on track.

So getting concrete, what will CCCR be doing in 2017?

The 2017 CCCR Action Plan includes supporting 6 projects currently on our radar initiated by people to align policy and practices in the local church with Gospel values. We will search out and add projects people are inspired to initiate throughout the year.

  1. Advocating for an Archdiocesan Synod that will result in permanent structures of on-going, two-way communication between the laity and Archdiocesan decision-makers. CCCR-Council of the Baptized has been advocating for an Archdiocesan Pastoral Council since 2012. See our position paper here. Again in 2017, we have let Archbishop Hebda know that we are in support of his intention to have both an Archdiocesan Synod and an Archdiocesan Pastoral Council. His question is which initiative should come first. See the video of his talk on Fall Formation Day, 2016, at 32 minutes:32 seconds, where he talks about this: He says that the Synod should help the Church "set a course" and "establish priorities." And he says "If you have any thoughts on this, please share." So that is what we will do.  
  2. Lay Deanery Council Organizing. Since 2014 our Lay Deanery Network of 1500 parishioners from all 15 deaneries has been receiving a monthly update about CCCR-Council of the Baptized action campaigns. In 2017, we hope to increase the number of parishioners who have joined the network and to begin organizing a Lay Council within one deanery.
  3. Women’s Commission. Until about 2005, the Archdiocese had a vibrant and active Women’s Commission. A team of women is developing a proposal to the Archbishop to re-establish this commission.
  4. Liturgy Commission. A team of priests and lay men and women are raising questions about the effectiveness of the Eucharistic liturgy in providing an experience of worship leading to mission in our Archdiocese. The goal is to have the reinstatement of a Liturgy Commission in service of the parishes.
  5. Office of Conciliation. A team is developing a proposal to expand the Office of Conciliation in the Archdiocese to include not only legal complaints but also complaints about policies and decisions made by decision-makers who have not consulted widely and whose decisions should be called to account for alignment with Gospel values.
  6. Follow the Money. CCCR is making inquiries into the final requirements the U.S. bankruptcy court will make of the Archdiocese in discharging it from bankruptcy.

If you wish to work on any of these projects or if you have another project you are initiating, please let us know by emailing”  We would like to support your project, and we welcome help with any that are listed.

Featured Items

Council of the Baptized Open Forum, May 8, 2018


The Open Forum is held at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 S. Snelling Avenue in St. Paul. 

Continuing our discussion of Vatican II spirituality on May 8,  Nancy Gotto and Bonnie Strand, Council of the Baptized members, with Catherine Michaud, C.S.J., will be discussing the People of God: Sharing in the roles of Jesus, Priest, Prophet, and King.

What does Vatican II say about the shared mission of Christ? 
Does Baptism really establish us as a royal priesthood? 
Have you embraced your anointed prophet yet?   

Please join us.

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