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Prayer of the Synod 2010


Thanks to Dick Rice, member of the Catholic Spirituality work/study group, who has offered this prayer for the Synod of the Baptized, 2010:


Come, Holy Spirit, come and direct us in your light.

Come, Father and Mother of the poor and of us in our poverty.

Come, Giver of God's gifts.

Be the Guide of our words and actions.

Enlighten the path we should take.

Reveal what you would have us do that we might remain in union with You.

May you be our only inspiration and the guardian of our intentions

For you will keep us always in union with the living God.

May you, the source of true justice, encourage us to embody justice.

May you, the breath of love, inspire us to act with compassion.

Unite our hearts to you alone that, with your grace, we may be one in You and one with

All creation.

United in your name and power may we discern your movements that today and always

we might be the community that Jesus envisioned that Holy Night: One with You and

One with each other (John 17: 21)

We ask this in and through Christ the Lord. Amen.


Inspired by the Pentecost Sequence and the "Prayer of the Council Fathers of Vatican II," Itself attributed to St. Isidore of Seville for the Second Provincial Council of Seville in 619. It began the sessions of the First Vatican Council in 1869 and was prayed before every meeting of preparatory commissions and conciliar commissions of Vatican II

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