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History Guideline by Terry Dosh

Some suggestions for a Church historical guideline

A two millennia theological/historical perspective according to Karl Rahner [Vatican II, the Unfinished Agenda, pp 14-21].
This is my understanding of what I call his Three-Epoch theory.

Epoch I: 30 to 150 A Jewish ethos influences early Christianity, e.g. Liturgy of the Word.
A caesura or huge cultural break occurs at this juncture.

Epoch II: 150 to 1960. Characteristics: 1) Eurocentric; 2) centralized (hierarchical); 3) monocultural (Latin, Roman, Mediterranean); 4) patriarchal (pyramidal, authoritarian).
A second caesura or huge cultural break occurs.

Epoch III: 1960 to present and beyond. Characteristics:
1) World-Church; 2) decentralized (collegial); 3) pluriform (inculturation, autocthonous); 4) feminist (egalitarian, mutuality)
Point 4 is the derivative creation of William Glaser, not Rahner's.

Dateline: 30 Death and Resurrection of Jesus
325 Council of Nicea (Constantine)
451 Council of Chalcedon (Leo the Great)
[800 Charlemagne]
1049 Leo IX Gregorian reform
1215 IV Lateran (Innocent III)

1378 - 1415 Great Western Schism & Conciliar theory
[1450 - 1560 Renaissance]
1517 Luther (Reformation)
1545-63 Trent
[1560 - Counter reformation / Baroque
1648 Treaty of Westphalia (End of 30 Years' War)
[18th century - Enlightenment]
1789 French Revolution

[19th century - Missions/ Nationalism/ Industrial Revolution]
1907 - 1914 Modernism
1917 - First major revision of Canon Law since 16th century
1943 - Major encyclicals that prepare for Vatican II: Scripture;
Mystical Body; 1947 Liturgy.

1958-63 John XXIII
1962-65 Vatican II
1968 Humanae Vitae
1978 -2005 John Paul II
1983 Revision of Canon Law
1989 Cologne Declaration
2001 Dominus Jesus

Dateline USA: Spanish 16th to 18th centuries
1630 Catholics In Maryland
1790 lst bishop John Carroll elected
1830 beginning of Irish immigrant and creation
of "Irish-American" church.
1899 Americanist "heresy"
1907 Modernist "heresy"
1907 Bishop William O'Connell of Boston: beginning of
Romanization of American hierarchy.
1917 - 1973. Beginning of Canon Lawyer bishops in US

1962-65 Vatican II
1968 Humanae Vitae; conscience challenges authority
1976 Call to Action in Detroit
1973 - 1980 pastoral bishops nominated by Apostolic
Delegate Jean Jadot.
1990 Call to Action goes national (one of 25 national
reform groups created since Vatican II)

Suggested general histories of the Church

Church History: 20 Centuries of Catholic Christianity
By John C Dwyer pp 400

A Concise History of the Catholic Church (revised edition)
By Thomas Bokenkotter. Pp 462

PilgrimChurch (revised and expanded) by William Bausch
Pp 457

The Catholic Thing by Rosemary Haughton, pp 249 (no footnotes
no index., no dates!) A history but not your usual history; profound understanding of what Catholicism is.

The Pelican History of the Catholic Church, six volumes, pp 280 each. Six readable scholars examine six eras of the
Church, up through the 19th century.

The Catholic Church in the 21st Century, edited by Michael Himes.
Six essays by readable scholars on what we can learn from
Six different eras of Church history. Pp. 130.

Suggested histories of American Catholicism.

American Catholics, a history of RC community in US by James Hennesey SJ Pp 380

In Search of American Catholicism (a history of religion and
culture in tension) by Jay Dolan. Pp 300

A Short History of American Catholicism by Martin Marty Pp 230

The Catholic Church: the United States Experience,edited by
Irene Woodward SNJ M. Seven essays on aspects of American church. Pp 134

The Catholic Church and American Culture,edited by Cassian
Yuhaus CP. Six essays by top scholars. Pp 115

--Terry Dosh
29 April 2009

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