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Title: Toward a Theology of Healthy Sexuality
Type of proposal:
Position Paper to be issued by Council
Date ofsubmission:
March 2014
: Mary Ellen Jordan, Mary Beth Stein, Diane Sineps, Patty Thorsen

Description:The Church’s teachings on human sexuality in many areas are at odds with contemporary lived experience. These teachings, which are often rigid and exclusionary, fail to minister to the actual needs of Catholics, especially in the areas of contraception, homosexuality, and divorce / remarriage.   Moreover, the voices of lay Catholics have been ignored in the formation of the Church’s teachings on sexuality. This paper offers a new approach to a theology of healthy sexuality and also invites comments and concerns from lay Catholics. These concerns will be gathered through a listening session with results included in the final paper.

A Listening Session will be held to discern the sense of the faithful with regard to the morality of sexual practices.

Date of initial Council decision: March 11, 2014
Initial Council decision: Approved, drafting of statement assigned to the proponents with a Committee to manage the Listening Session

Research/Drafting Committee Members: Proponents

Current StatusPublished 9/15/14

Hearing (Listening Session) held: May 28, 2014; discussion of position paper at Council of the Baptized meeting, June 3, 2014; manuscrpt to Editor-in-Chief for final editing week of June 16. 

Final approval on August 12, 2014; published 9/15/14

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