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Title:People‚Äôs Participation in the Selection of Our Bishops
Type of proposal:
1) Program to be endorsed by the Council 

                               2)Position Paper to be published by the Council

Date of submission:3/22/12
CCCR Leadership Selection Resource Team (LSRT). Members: Rose Marie Assad, Ellen Boroughf, Patricia Klucas, Linda Napier, Judith Pryor, Paula Ruddy, Carol Tauer, Kathryn Warneke, and Jo Youngren. Call (612) 379-1043 with suggestions or for more information.


Scripture, tradition in Church history, and the theology of Vatican II all support broad participation by Catholics of the Archdiocese in the selection of their bishops. Canon law allows the papal nuncio to consult with laity in recommending candidates for bishop to the pope for appointment. Canon law provides for the laity to make their spiritual needs known to leadership. Therefore, the proponents propose that the Council 1) endorse the intent of the LSRT to implement a program to elicit the sense of the faithful about their need for leadership and to convey the findings to the papal nuncio, and 2) publish a position paper justifying that intent.

Date of Council decision on the Program: endorsed May 8, 2012

Date of Council decision on the Position Paper: accepted May 8, 2012

Current status: Position Paper approved November 13, 2012.   Research/Drafting Committee--Lisa Vanderlinden, Lyn Yount and proponents Carol Tauer, Rose Marie Assad, Paula Ruddy. Click here to view the Bishop Selection Postion Paper.  

Publication date:  January 17, 2013; currently available on request to ; read or print from file at Publications, above menu.

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