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Prayer for Renewal

Oh, Divine Light, You who surround us, who shine upon us, who emanate from within us,

we call to mind your eternal presence.

In this time and place, we rededicate ourselves to establishing anew your ways of justice and love in our community and commit ourselves to mindfully planning and praying for the future of our beloved church.

Bless us in this new beginning. We are partners in the mystery of your love, partners and one with another. In spite of ourselves, we are all ONE.

Bless us in our unity and in our partnership to answer our Baptismal call to Ministry. Nourish us as we sink our roots ever deeper into the tangle of roots already set by those who have passed this way before us, our ancestors, our ancient mothers and fathers.

God of Relationship, Creator, Christ and Spirit, Bless our unity, strengthen our partnership, and deepen our bond.

Let it be a symbol of Your mode of Being and a sign of Your ways.

God of companionship, may we be supportive and effective, calling to life all the best in each other.

Strengthen us as we open ourselves to new growth, as we open our ears to truly hear one another. Strengthen us to overcome our differences and to re-establish a community where love and joy are in the air. Inspire us to grasp again the spirit of true stewardship, the spirit of generosity, the spirit of speaking on behalf of those who have no voice.

As we pray, as we plan, as we listen, fill us with the fire of your Holy Spirit and infuse us with the special grace needed to renew our church in this age. In the name of Jesus who became Christ, we pray. Amen

Used with Permission

Adaptation by Lonne Murphy from "Psalm of Community" by Edward Hayes